Custom Solutions

Digital Power can provide advanced custom solutions that meet almost any AC or DC power requirements

* Minimum NRE charges * Advanced design topologies * Fast turnaround time * Superior reliability and performance


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Digital Power designs solutions that include the following key features:

  • High power density, up to 36 watts/in.
  • EMI/RFI per EN55022 or customer- specific requirements
  • Power output up to 25 kilowatts
  • Switching frequency synchronized to an external clock
  • Wide AC or DC input voltage range
  • Single or multiple AC or DC output voltages
  • Wide operating temperature range,
    from -40 to 212 °F (-40 to 100 °C)
  • Switching frequencies up to 500 kHz
  • Power factor correction, single or 3 phase input
  • Redundancy and hot swap N+1
  • International regulatory standards
    approvals (IT or medical)
  • I2C, IPMI, or other required communications  protocols for digital interfaces
  • High efficiency, up to 98%
  • Free convection, forced air, or base plate cooling

Examples of custom solutions for medical, industrial, telecom, instrumentation, and military/defense applications

Industry: Telecom
Application: Video decoding system
Solution: Digital Power developed a highly efficient, custom switching
power supply for a next-generation video decoding system. The
power supply features high power density, active input power factor
correction, and multiple output voltages. This solution includes a
customized interface for obtaining a variety of status and monitoring





Industry: Medical
Application: Portable oxygen concentrator
Solution: Digital Power developed a dual-input power source with
AC and DC input to deliver clean, regulated DC power for charging
batteries and operating electronics. This solution features high
efficiency, high power density, and advanced topology for both AC
and DC input.






Industry: Telecom
Application: Broadband TV
Solution: Digital Power developed an automatic power transfer switch
for selecting and transferring from dual-input, AC, or DC power
sources. The device provides a scalable content ingest platform for
video storage, streaming, and on-demand applications in a highspeed
data network. Advanced features of this state-of-the-art
solution include a universal, dual source, redundant input that enables
automatic selection of a primary or secondary main AC source. This
device exceeds 98% efficiency over most of its operating range.

Electrical Design

Digital Power offers years of experience in designing and manufacturing power supply solutions with advanced circuits that increase power densities and power efficiencies. We combine our power design capabilities with the latest circuit designs for status and control to provide complete power solutions for virtually any need. Whether you require analog or digital circuits, we have offer a flexible power solution to meet your need. Our services include:

  • Advanced power supply topologies
  • Analog status and control circuits
  • Digital status and control (I2C, PMBUS and more)
  • Hot-swap / redundant operation
  • Electrical schematic
  • PCB layout and design

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical design services ensure best enclosure for your system's interface. We work closely with your engineering team and provide solid model designs to ensure best mechanical fit with the first article. Our approach minimizes reworks and revisions, saving valuable time and money. Our mechanical design services include:
  • Stamped sheet-metal design
  • Machined part design
  • Solid modeling and flat drawings
  • System interface and compatibility

Manufacturing and Testing

Digital Power is continually improving our processes to ensure the highest quality and consistent manufacturing of our power solutions. We test all our custom power assemblies per clearly defined test procedures developed by us and our customers. This approach ensures that our customers can use our systems right out of the box. Customer specific testing services are offered with custom designed test stands to simulate operation within our customer applications.

Safety and Emissions Compliance

Compliance with international safety agency standard is critical in every application, and power solutions play a major role in meeting these compliance requirements. Our safety engineers and quality assurance teams help ensure that your products are designed to meet all safety requirements and are appropriately documented to facilitate the fastest safety approval processes.

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