Green Technologies

Digital Power is committed to an environmentally responsible approach throughout its business. From product design and development through our manufacturing processes, Digital Power strives to improve efficiencies and reduce its environmental footprint. Digital Power is proud to provide solutions that help contribute to greener and more energy efficient products in a wide variety of industries.

Increased Efficiencies

Per a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study, many of today’s power supplies offer an efficiency rating of 73% to 79%. These power supplies experience substantial inefficiencies in the form of heat radiating into the systems that they power. The Digital Power advanced power solutions employ a resonant converter technology with zero voltage, zero current soft switching functionality to achieve efficiencies in excess of 90%. Our solutions conserve energy by providing increased useable output power while reducing wasted heat.


Reduced Footprints

Digital Power advanced switching power supply topologies enable the use of fewer and smaller components within tighter spaces, which helps to reduce our package sizes to industry-leading watts per cubic inch measurements. This approach helps OEMs develop high density applications that provide increased functionality with reduced overall power requirements.

Increased Functionalities

Digital Power offers a wide array of functions including active load sharing, warm- and hot-swap operation, remote sensing, remote on/off, power fail/power good and I2C interface. Our products also feature a 1 + N and N + N redundant operation with mixed or multiple power input sources. Military and high-end industrial products are ruggedized to meet extreme temperature, shock and vibration requirements. Our technologies reduce circuit requirements for host systems, reducing energy consumption.

Green Manufacturing

Digital power works closely with its component suppliers to restrict the use harmful chemicals and substances that can harm our environment. For example, all Digital Power products restrict the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, PBB and PBDE. Our policies ensure that Digital Power complies with RoHS directives and with regional directives put in place around the globe.




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