High Density Modular Products

Designed with highest reliability and versatility in mind, both the NEVO and VCCM series devices are suitable for applications that range from the most controlled environments to the harshest conditions. Standard features include fully adjustable output voltage, externally controllable voltage and current, and series or parallel outputs. Each device can accommodate up to four isolated DC output modules and each module uses SMT components to ensure reliability. Devices can be configured as conduction, convection or forced air cooled. This versatility allows units to be seamlessly integrated across a vast range of applications and makes the devices ideal for standardizing power platforms.





* World’s first conduction cooled modular configurable power supply
* 600 Watts conduction cooled rating
* 750 Watts peak rating (5 seconds)
* 500 Watts convection rating
* Standby power ≤ 1Watts (In primary inhibit mode)
* Efficiency up to 92%
* Unique module design (100% SMT)
* Up to 4 isolated outputs at 150 Watts per channel
* Wide output adjust range
* Voltage and current dynamically controllable
* 5V/1A bias supply
* Approval to EN60601-1-2 Edition 3
* Programmable start-up state (laser applications)
* 5 year warranty
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* 600 Watts in 3″ x 5″ x 1.61”
* User and field configurable
* Wide output voltage adjust range
* Remote current / voltage programming
* Efficiency up to 89%
* Intelligent fan control
* Parallel and series connection of modules
* Accurate current sharing
* Up to 8 isolated outputs
* Standard 5V 200mA bias supply (1A option)
* Low noise option
* UL60601 3rd Edition approved
* 3 year warranty
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* Up to 1200 Watts of output power
* Primary side remote on/off function
* Standby power ≤ 3 Watts
* 6″ x 6″ x 1.61” footprint
* Low noise fan option
* UL60950 2nd edition approved
* Industry leading power density (21W/in³)
* Lightest modular design – only 1.2kg – 1000Watts/kg
* Efficiency up to 89%
* Remote current / voltage programming
* Accurate current sharing
* Parallel and series connection of modules
* 2 x 5V 1A bias supply
* Field configurable
* RoHS compliant
* 3 year warranty

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