Electric Vehicle Market

The Electric Vehicle Market has witnessed rapid evolution with the ongoing developments in automotive sector. Coolisys EV charger product line is well positioned to address the expected rapid expansion of infrastructure required to support broad adoption of electric vehicles globally. Coolisys Technologies Corp. has strong reputations for delivering high-reliability power solutions designed to serve mission critical applications in the harshest environments.

Coolisys’ innovative charging solution is expected to produce a full charge for an EV with a 150-mile range battery in just over 30 minutes. It includes a wide range of solutions from level 1 EV chargers for household usage (120V AC power) to level 3 super charging for commercial applications (480V DC or higher). Coolisys provides three types of connector standards for fast DC chargers including CHAdeMO (e.g., Honda, Nissan, Toyota, others), CCS (e.g., BMW, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Volkswagen, others) and Tesla.

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