Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

April 29, 2020

Digital Power Corporation – Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

The spread of COVID-19 continues to be a very fluid situation. We wish everyone the best as they attempt to navigate through these trying times.

As the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic goes on, the demand for medical devices including ventilators, respirators, test equipment, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and more continues to increase. Digital Power and many other organizations are making tremendous efforts to develop the critical and lifesaving devices essential to support COVID-19 patients.

From the manufacturing floor all the way up to our executive team, we are dedicated to the safety of our employees and worldwide community while we continue to support our customers in the midst of this crisis, especially those in industries critical to fighting the disease.

Our operations remain up and running. To assist OEMs, makers, and volunteer groups working to combat COVID-19, we are dedicating the full force of our resources to prioritize orders, streamline our free sample program, provide technical support, and address any other urgent needs of organizations combating COVID-19.

To ensure the health of our employees, we have put the necessary infrastructure in place to allow the majority of our employees to work remotely. For our remaining onsite operations staff, we have procedures in place so they can continue to receive and ship goods in a safe manner.

We are working closely with our manufacturing sites to ensure similar safety measures are put in place. As we have manufacturing operations in mainland China and utilize forwarding and transportation companies that have not yet resumed normal operation, please be aware lead times and orders may be impacted. We can confirm that all of our factories are operational, though some sites are still running below full capacity due to labor and raw material shortages.

Your projects, timelines, and orders are very important to us. Please rest assured we are actively working to minimize disruptions to our customers in every way possible, including:
• Daily monitoring of local and national regulations that may impact operations
• Daily contact with our manufacturing facilities
• Moving open orders to priority shipping to reduce transit times as much as possible
• Continued transparency on the status of orders and lead times

Thank you for your understanding during these very challenging times. Your Digital Power Account Manager will provide any delivery schedule updates if there is any impact to your orders.
Or please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Amos Kohn
President and Chief Executive Officer

New 500W DC-DC Step Up Converter

Digital Power released its new 500W DC-DC step up converter, designed to enable equipment for use with 24V/28VDC military vehicle electrical systems to be deployed on platforms with a nominal 12VDC electrical system.

The DPCD500 500W DC-DC converter has a wide-range DC input voltage, from 10 to 20 volts, making it ideal for vehicle mounted systems, tactical and non-tactical, fixed and mobile communications and security systems. The low profile DPCD500 futured ultra-high efficiency of typically 96% at full load and can operate over an ambient temperature range of -40˚ to 70˚C. They are small-sized, high stability, long life and have a high degree of protection, making them an ideal choice for step-up, non-isolated converters for vehicle systems.

Fully sealed encapsulation, IP67 protection class, withstands exposure to harsh environments guaranteed operation in complex environments with high reliability.

The DPCD500 delivers a steady, regulated 24/28VDC output at 500W designed to enable equipment for use with military vehicle electrical systems to be deployed on platforms with a nominal 12VDC electrical system meet MIL-STD 1275D requirements.

The power module has a built-in thermal sensing device including thermal shutdown and automatic recovery, reverse input protection, over-temperature shut down, current limit protection, short circuit protection, input under-voltage shut down and overvoltage protection.

Customized configuration is available from Digital Power.

For more information visit our website and contact Sales at sales@digipwr.com or call (877) 634-0982

Digital Power Sees Increased Offshore Manufacturing Capacity and Higher Demand for Oxygen Concentrator and Ventilator Power Supplies

Fremont, CA, April 7, 2020 — Digital Power Corp. (“DPC”), is seeing offshore manufacturing partners, particularly in Asia, are back to near full capacity. In addition, DPC is realizing an increase in demand from its customers in the medical industry, specifically related to power supplies for oxygen concentrators and ventilators, with approximately $1.4 million in orders.


Our global supply chain was partially disrupted earlier this year by the COVID-19 outbreak in China and other Asian countries; however, based on improved conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Asia, we have recently resumed the production of key products by Digital Power’s Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturing partners, including power applications for the medical industry.


Digital Power engineers have been designing and developing power supply products for the medical industry for over 12 years. Digital Power products have helped pave the way for advancements in a wide variety of medical applications, including surgical equipment, patient monitoring and therapy systems, patient beds and ventilators.


Digital Power products are designed to serve mission critical applications for lifesaving and life-sustaining applications across diverse markets. Digital Power medical power supplies meets IEC 60601-1 safety requirements for medical applied parts. Using power supplies that adhere r to the EN60601-1 safety standard helps medical device and system manufacturers speed compliance testing of their own products.


Digital Power’s CEO, Amos Kohn said, “In addition to recent defense industry orders, we are seeing an increase in demand for our products in the medical and healthcare sector. We are also pleased to report that our offshore manufacturing partners are back to near full capacity to enable us to continue our strong reputation for delivering custom high-reliability power solutions for the medical industry.”

Digital Power Corp. Has Received a $1,283,000 Purchase Order from a Defense Contractor

Fremont, CA, April 1, 2020 —  Digital Power Corporation (“DPC”), has received an initial order of $1,283,000 to provide comprehensive electrical and electronic systems for powering an onboard radio and other classified instruments installed and operated in customized military multi-mission vehicles. The customer has the option to increase the order amount to approximately $2,000,000. These vehicles are designed to serve elite and special forces units operating in urban warfare and close quarters combat. They are designed to be airmobile, capable off-road vehicles that can handle extreme terrain in a general reconnaissance role.


The solution provided by Digital Power will include an electrical system featuring electronic hardware and an imbedded management software that is approved and qualified by a Foreign Military Teleprocessing Branch, after extensive testing. A defense contractor specializing in customized off-road vehicles will be implementing Digital Power’s solution in the multi-mission vehicles.


Digital Power offers a variety of power electronic products including ruggedized, modified and off-the-shelf, or complete custom designs, from its in-house design team. Coolisys’ products are designed to serve mission critical applications in the harshest environments and for life-saving and life-sustaining applications across diverse markets.


Digital Power’s CEO, Amos Kohn said, “The recent order is the result of a long-term relationship, the company’s strong reputation for delivering custom high-reliability power solutions for the global defense industry and DPC’s expansion into this military business sector.”