The EV charger product line is well positioned to address the expected rapid expansion of infrastructure required to support broad adoption of electric vehicles globally.

Coolisys' new Energy Storage System (ESS) product line is well-suited for homes and small commercial buildings. The new ESS solution can be used off-grid, grid-tied or as a string inverter. 


The Telecom Market require competitive, short time-to-market power solutions where performance is critical and reliability is paramount. Our advanced power solutions are well positioned for the Telecom Market.


The Industrial Market requires rugged product designs suitable for operation in harsh environments with high reliability. Our products operate reliably in the harshest of the industrial environments.


We offer standard, modified and custom Hi‐Rel power solutions for the military and defense markets requiring exceedingly rugged power solutions that can withstand the very harshest environments.


The Medical Market necessitates power supplies with high performance and critical safety requirements. We offer design expertise that you expect for today’s demanding medical applications.

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Milpitas, Calif. –May 8, 2023– The Digital Power Corporation (“DPC” or “Digital
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MILPITAS, Calif.-- Digital Power Corporation (“DPC”), announced today that it has comp
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Digital Power can provide advanced custom solutions that meet almost any AC or DC power requirements


Healthcare Digital Power solutions power medical products that deliver life-sustaining, life-saving and quality-of-life improvement to customers who depend on highly reliable powe.

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Military & Aerospace

efense business has been established for more than 50 years. We are specialists in the field of naval power conversion and distribution. Milita

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Implementing Intelligent Power Management with digital load sharing to improve product reliability through our digital design engineering which reduces part count an.

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Digital Power helps telecom and industrial systems excel in evolving marketplaces, providing cost-effective and highly reliable power solutions.

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