Custom Capabilities

Digital Power can provide advanced custom solutions that meet almost any AC or DC power requirements with advanced design technologies, fast turnaround time, and superior reliability and performance.


  • Low development cost
  • Low risk, proven technology
  • World class design
  • Short development times
  • Low cost manufacturing in Asia
  • ISO9001 certified quality management system

Mechanical & Electrical Design

  • Environmentally sealed units
  • Filter design for specific noise and ripple standards
  • I2C interface requirements for power supply health and control
  • Blind-mate, hot-swap experts
  • Embedded micro-processor based design
  • Schematic capture / simulation
  • Compliance with defense specifications
  • Any power topology
  • Any form factor
  • Compliance with the latest industry standards
  • Highest efficiency and bulletproof reliability
  • Single or Multiple Outputs
  • Ruggedized Packaging for harsh environments

PCB Design & Software Programming

  • Timely electrical assemblies improving customer time-to-market
  • Safety specific creepage and clearance
  • Design for manufacturability
  • PCB modeling & layout
  • In-house software / firmware development
  • Serial bus interfaces – I2C & RS232 / 422
  • Software / firmware functionality
  • Smart battery interface (SMBus)
  • Battery charging
  • Power supply sequencing
  • Power supply alarm and control
  • Thermal solution design and packaging
  • Extreme operating temperatures
  • Military Shock and Vibration
  • Custom enclosures, filtering, cooling, etc.
  • In-house safety & ESS testing
  • In-house firmware development

Safety Compliance, Quality & Testing

  • Compliance engineering
  • Expert knowledge of UL, TUB, CSA, CE & CB schemes
  • NEBS and ETSI compliance
  • IT, industrial and medical safety standards
  • IT, industrial and medical EMC compliance
  • MIL-STD and DEF-STAN EMC compliance
  • 100% parametric DVT testing
  • In-system troubleshooting
  • System specific testing can also be provided
  • Turnkey EMC certification
  • HALT/HASS integrity testing
  • Burn-in


Digital Power provides custom solutions for medical, industrial, telecom, instrumentation, and military/defense applications. 


Industry: Telecom
Application: Video decoding system
Solution: Digital Power developed a highly efficient, custom switching power supply for a next-generation
video decoding system. The power supply features high power density, active input power factor correction, and multiple output voltages. This solution includes a customized interface for obtaining a variety of status and monitoring signals.




Industry: Medical
Application: Portable oxygen concentrator
Solution: Digital Power developed a dual-input power source with AC and DC input to deliver clean, regulated DC power for charging batteries and operating electronics. This solution features high efficiency, high power density, and advanced topology for both AC and DC input.





Industry: Telecom
Application: Broadband TV
Solution: Digital Power developed an automatic power transfer switch for selecting and transferring from
dual-input, AC, or DC power sources. The device provides a scalable content ingest platform for video storage, streaming, and on-demand applications in a high-speed data network. Advanced features of this state-of-the-art solution include a universal, dual source, redundant input that enables automatic selection of a primary or secondary main AC source. This device exceeds 98% efficiency over most of its operating range.




CATV HFC and Broadband Telecom Networks Power Supplies


A full range of custom and semi-custom headend and network equipment and devices designed for broadcast, broadband, and CATV systems. Products include video encoders and decoders, fiber optic transmitters and network nodes, laser drivers, routers and switchers, multiplexors, VOD servers and video ingestion devices, cable modem termination systems (CMTS), Virtual Converged Cable Access Platforms (CCAP), network amplifiers and repeaters, management and control systems, and more.

For Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) networks, the power supplies support the CATV quasi-square wave sine input and universal AC input. Each product features a fully synchronous rectifier design and employs two-phase PFC, DC/DC conversion, and digital load sharing. Products also include digital signal processing (DSP), which uses the industry standard SMBus to provide real-time monitoring and control of system performance, including timing, digital control loops, and multiphase clocking. Communication interfaces include I2C, SPI, RS232, and RS485.

Enclosed and open frame power switching solutions to power optical fiber nodes in HFC networks and HUBs. These products provide very high efficiency, high power density, and multiple power and voltage options. The AC input power supply shares CATV RF signals to minimize conducted emissions in the CATV upstream or downstream bandwidth from 5 MHz to 1,218 MHz, according to ANSI/SCTE 82 test method.




Data Centers and Broadcast Headend Power Supplies


The data server and headend series enclosed power supplies provide customized form-factors and features to meet a wide variety of design requirements. These products deliver continuous power of 1,300 W (DC/DC power module) or 1,600 W (AC/DC power module), and are fully compliant with the I2C Bus specification for power operation and status monitoring.








Digital Power offers a full range of services for custom military and defense projects


Digital Power provides state-of-the-art power solutions for the most demanding military and defense applications. These high-quality, ruggedized products comply fully with MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 requirements. Suitable for applications in the harshest environments, they feature a modular design, with major components securely anchored to better withstand shock and vibration. Conformal coatings and stainless steel covers provide additional protection.