Digital Power Corp. Has Received a $1,283,000 Purchase Order from a Defense Contractor

Fremont, CA, April 1, 2020 —  Digital Power Corporation (“DPC”), has received an initial order of $1,283,000 to provide comprehensive electrical and electronic systems for powering an onboard radio and other classified instruments installed and operated in customized military multi-mission vehicles. The customer has the option to increase the order amount to approximately $2,000,000. These vehicles are designed to serve elite and special forces units operating in urban warfare and close quarters combat. They are designed to be airmobile, capable off-road vehicles that can handle extreme terrain in a general reconnaissance role.


The solution provided by Digital Power will include an electrical system featuring electronic hardware and an imbedded management software that is approved and qualified by a Foreign Military Teleprocessing Branch, after extensive testing. A defense contractor specializing in customized off-road vehicles will be implementing Digital Power’s solution in the multi-mission vehicles.


Digital Power offers a variety of power electronic products including ruggedized, modified and off-the-shelf, or complete custom designs, from its in-house design team. Coolisys’ products are designed to serve mission critical applications in the harshest environments and for life-saving and life-sustaining applications across diverse markets.


Digital Power’s CEO, Amos Kohn said, “The recent order is the result of a long-term relationship, the company’s strong reputation for delivering custom high-reliability power solutions for the global defense industry and DPC’s expansion into this military business sector.”

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