Digital Power Corporation Announces 55 Watt 1GB Power Over Ethernet Indoor Adapter

August 20,2012-Digital Power Corporation (NYSE Amex: DPW) announces its 55 watt, 1 GB Power over Ethernet (POE) indoor adapter. Typical applications for this product include wireless transceivers, video and data devices, and IP networking endpoints.

POE enables a LAN switching infrastructure to provide power over a copper Ethernet cable to an endpoint or powered device. This IEEE standard technology allows IP telephony devices, wireless LAN access points, switches, routers, and other embedded computer applications to receive power and data over CATS cabling. PoE allows economical and flexible deployment of networked devices in a wide variety of situations.

The Digital Power PoE indoor adapter accepts universal power through an industry standard IEC320C14 connector. An RJ-45 output port provides for an Ethernet connection that carries up to 1 GB of data and 48 or 55 V. Each of the 8 pins in this connection carries both data and power.

Key features of the Digital Power PoE indoor adapter include an option for easy wall installation, a compact size of 160 x 63 x 32 mm, a high efficiency free convention cooling system, a wide range of input voltages to meet worldwide requirements, and OCP, SC, and OVP output protection.

Key operating specifications include:

Input voltage of 90 to 265 VAC
Input current of 0 to 1A
Frequency of 47 to 63Hz
Inrush current of 50A @ cold start
Output voltage of 55 VDC or 48 VDC
Reflected ripple per FCC part 15 & EN55022 class B
Ripple and noise 2% maximum at full load
Voltage regulation ±2% maximum for load and line variation
88% minimum efficiency
Operating temperature range of –5 to 45 oC
Surge protection for power and data

About Digital Power Corporation-Headquartered in Fremont, Calif., Digital Power Corporation designs, manufactures and sells high-grade customized and off-the-shelf power system solutions. Its products are used in the most demanding telecom, industrial, medical and military applications where customers demand high density, high efficiency and ruggedized power solutions. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Digital Power Limited, is based in Salisbury, UK.
Contact: Digital Power Corporation, 41324 Christy St., Fremont, California, USA, 94538-3115.
Telephone 1-866-344-7697

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