Digital Power Corporation announces higher power additions to its Capacitor Charger product Family

FREMONT, Calif., February 1, 2017 — Digital Power Corporation (NYSE MKT: DPW) announced the release of high power additions to its advanced capacitor chargers product family, designed for medical laser system and industrial applications.

This family of products features a series of highly efficient, high power and compact capacitor charger power supplies. These products charge capacitive loads to high voltages with excellent pulse-to-pulse repeatability at very high repetition rates, allowing load capacitors to be charged in the fastest time possible.

The products support output voltages ranging from 500 volts to 1,000 volts and offer charge rates from 1,500 Joules/sec to 2,200 Joules/sec. The new models increase the power output capability from 3000 Watts to 6000 Watts and introduce two new case sizes. 1500 and 2000 Watt models are available in a 12.7” x 5.75” x 4.1” package and 3000, 4000 and 6000 Watt models are available in a 17.3” x 16.5” x 3.7” outline. These products have built in airflow and operate over a 0 to 50̊C ambient temperature range.

The capacitor chargers deliver clean and efficient power for pulsed YAG lasers, flashlamp pumped laser systems, intense pulsed light excimer lasers for photolithography, pulsed UV lasers for curing and sterilization, pulsed energy lasers for cosmetic and surgical treatments, and other pulsed energy applications in medical an industrial markets.

Digital Power Corporation will display these products at the MD&M West show February 7–9, at Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim CA, booth 381.

About Digital Power Corporation
Headquartered in Fremont, California, Digital Power Corporation designs, manufactures and sells high-grade customized and off-the-shelf power system solutions. Its products are used in the most demanding telecom, industrial, medical and military applications where customers require high density, high efficiency and ruggedized power solutions. Its wholly owned subsidiary Digital Power Limited, is located in the UK.
Contact: Digital Power Corporation, 48430 Lakeview Blvd., Fremont, California 94538.

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