Digital Power Corporation Awarded $1.1 Million Military Contract for Power Solutions in Satellite-Controlled Tactical Systems

MILPITAS, Calif. Dec. 28, 2020 — Digital Power Corporation(“Digital Power”) has been awarded $1.1 million contract to manufacture and supply a rugged fully customized DC to DC multiple output power switching solution for tactical military use.

Digital Power will provide the customized power switcher to power azimuth satellite-controlled systems in conjunction with tactical precision weaponry and warfare. Designed to operate in GPS-disturbed or jammed battlefield scenarios, the Digital Power customized power switcher features a persistent capability that will provide azimuth satellite-controlled systems with continuous and stable power through multiple power sources in harsh operating conditions. The Company believes the contract was awarded to Digital Power due to its 15-year proven track record and reputation of providing high-quality and reliable complex power solutions deployed in Modular Azimuth Position Systems (MAPS) for tactical warfare. Digital Power’s defense contracted partner provides defensive and offensive weapons for air, land, sea and space, and command/control systems.

Amos Kohn, President and CEO of Digital Power, said, “We are proud to be awarded this contract for our customized power switcher from a leading global aerospace and defense customer. The Azimuth Satellite-Controlled Systems project represents one of the most significant self-contained hybrid land navigation systems designed to provide autonomous position initialization and moving base alignment for land and amphibious vehicles in the battlefield. The compact and cost-effective design of this customized rugged power product is suitable for installation on a wide range of platforms and designed for use in varied combat situations.”

About Digital Power Corporation

Digital Power Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Coolisys Technologies Corp. designs, manufactures and sells high-grade customized and off-the-shelf power system solutions. Its products are used in the most demanding telecom, industrial, medical and military applications where customers require high density, high efficiency and ruggedized power solutions. DPC’s headquarter is located at 1635 South Main Street, Milpitas, CA 95035;

Contacts: or 877-634-0982

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